Rochester, NY City Guide | Parks, Festivals & Fun (2024)

By Train

TakeAmtrakto Rochester station (ROC) at 320 Central Ave. Taxi and rideshareservices areavailable to downtown shopping district and city attractions.

By Car

By car, Rochester is just over 1 hour from Buffalo, 3 hours from Toronto, 3.5 hours from Albany, 5 hours from Montreal and Philadelphia, and 5.5 hours from NYC.

By Bus

New York Trailwaysoffers New Yorkers a safe and modern charter bus option that serves all major New York cities and hundreds of small towns, offeringseveral drop-off points within Rochester. You can also travel to Rochester via Megabus, which hasdeparturestations all throughout the country.

Rochester, NY City Guide | Parks, Festivals & Fun (2024)


Rochester, NY City Guide | Parks, Festivals & Fun? ›

The Rochester Fringe Festival is the largest multidisciplinary performing arts festival in New York State.

What is the Fringe festival in Rochester, NY? ›

The Rochester Fringe Festival is the largest multidisciplinary performing arts festival in New York State.

What is Rochester, NY best known for? ›

Throughout its history, Rochester has acquired several nicknames based on local industries; it has been known as "the Flour City" and "the Flower City" for its dual role in flour production and floriculture, and as the "Imaging Capital of the World" for its association with film and still photography.

Is Rochester worth seeing? ›

From our world-renowned attractions and historic museums to our internationally recognized festivals, Rochester has everything a major metro city has to offer from a cultural standpoint with all the fun and beauty that comes with a four-season adventure destination.

Why do people visit Rochester, NY? ›

Known for its vast selection of family-oriented activities, world-class attractions, art, culture and historic institutions, internationally recognized events and festivals, and a booming food, craft beverage and wine scene—there really is no limit to what you can see and do when you visit Rochester.

What is the Lilac festival in Rochester NY? ›

The Rochester Lilac Festival spans 10 days, from May 10 – May 19. All 10 days are filled with FREE live music on our Main Stage and celebrate the coming of spring in Rochester, New York with the many varieties of lilacs in Highland Park.

How much does the lilac festival cost in Rochester? ›

Free all 10 days. The largest free festival of it's kind.

What is the nicest part of Rochester NY? ›

Southeast Quadrant. The Southeast Quadrant is home to some of the most vibrant areas of Rochester, NY. Park Ave: Southeast of Center City, Park Avenue is home to local shops, restaurants, and cafes. Neighborhood Of The Arts: NOTA features museums, art galleries, and restaurants.

How to spend a day in Rochester, NY? ›

Top Attractions in Rochester
  1. The Strong National Museum of Play. 2,230. Children's Museums. ...
  2. George Eastman Museum. 1,093. Speciality Museums. ...
  3. National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House. 280. ...
  4. Highland Park. 511. Parks. ...
  5. Mount Hope Cemetery. 478. Cemeteries. ...
  6. Innovative Field. 297. ...
  7. Memorial Art Gallery. 251. ...
  8. Geva Theatre Center. 323.

Is it safe to walk in downtown Rochester? ›

Safety at night:Moderate

While downtown areas are generally well-lit and populated, especially during events, some neighborhoods can be less safe to walk at night. Always stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Using a taxi or rideshare service during late hours can be a safer option.

Is Rochester NY a Republican city? ›

Many of the state's other urban areas, including Albany, Ithaca, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse are also Democratic.

Are people in Rochester NY friendly? ›

(WROC) — Rochester is the second-friendliest city in the United States, according to a new Readers' Choice Awards survey from Condé Nast Traveler.

Is Rochester a wealthy city? ›

The Rochester NY MSA is the third largest economy and the second wealthiest region in all of NYS after New York City. Rochester, rich with patents, has more wealth than its neighboring city, Buffalo, despite population differences.

Is Fringe festival free? ›

Registration for the Fringe street events is now open for 2024. You'll find the link to the registration form below. The Fringe street events are among the largest international gatherings of street performers anywhere, taking place throughout the festival and free for anyone to attend.

Why did the Fringe festival start? ›

Its story dates back to 1947, when eight theatre groups turned up uninvited to perform at the Edinburgh International Festival. The Edinburgh International Festival was an initiative created to celebrate and enrich European cultural life in the wake of the Second World War.

How long is the Fringe festival? ›

For three weeks in August, the city of Edinburgh welcomes an explosion of creative energy from around the globe. Artists and performers take to hundreds of stages all over the city, presenting shows for every taste.

What is the largest fringe festival in North America? ›

The Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival is an annual arts festival held every August in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Produced by the Fringe Theatre (Fringe Theatre Adventures or FTA), it is the oldest and largest fringe theatre festival in North America (based on ticket sales).

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