Video CMS: Top 10 Video Content Management System for 2023 (2024)

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Discover the top video CMS platforms you need to store, organize and secure your videos.

Videos are 1200% more successful than other forms of content irrespective of the use case. The internet user is a voracious consumer of information via videos.

Since their inception, videos have worked across all mediums. However, blindly jumping on the video-making bandwagon is not gonna reap rich dividends. You are in it for the long term if you want to make videos for your business. You need a video CMS(content management system) to store and organize your videos.

What is a Video Content Management System?

Videos take up a lot of storage space, unlike their text and image counterparts. After a point, it becomes impossible to store, organize and manage them. Video CMS is software to store, organize and manage your video content. The benefits do not stop there. The following are the advantages of a video CMS:

1. Dedicated storage space for videos

2. Smooth streaming experience

3. Privacy and security

4. Searching and sorting videos

5. In-depth video analytics

6. Integrations

7. Bulk uploading

8. Complete control over videos

9. Access to Video APIs

10. Video monetization

To know more about video CMS’ benefits, read our article on it.

Best Video Content Management: Top 11 Video CMS

Let’s dive into the list of best CMS

GetShow is the latest and most effective entrant into the world of video hosting. We are not patting ourselves on the back. Maybe, we are. However, we are being completely objective about it. Not only does our Video CMS allow you to store and manage videos, but it transforms them.

From allowing you to sort through your videos to make your videos secure. From gleaning deep video analytics to enabling SEO automation for your videos. From keeping your videos safe to adding interactive hotspots to your videos. Our video CMS system allows you to do it all with ease. It also manages to keep your videos safe and secure. Embedding and sharing videos on your web pages and your favourite social media platforms is a piece of cake with GetShow by Animaker. Customizing your player according to your brand is a breeze.

It is a delight for marketers, salesmen, and everyone dealing with videos.

Hubspot has brought out another product amongst its plethora of other products. Hubspot CMS is a typical video CMS that allows you to store, share and analyze videos. Hubspot has proven to be credible enough with its products and this one is no different. However, it can be said that Hubspot has been spreading itself thin by churning product after product.

Panopta has made a name for itself in the video management industry. Panopta has managed to break into the competitive video content management space. Panopta places emphasis on auto-indexing and video security.

The software giant has renamed its video CMS from Office 365 video to Microsoft Stream. The product has been designed for internal communications. It indeed serves its purpose. It is a great buy if you have already subscribed to a Microsoft 365 plan.

As expected, Microsoft Stream integrates with other applications from Microsoft office. You can move videos from Stream to other apps like Teams and SharePoint.

Brightcove is one of the names that pop up when you think about video solutions. Foraying into video CMS was an obvious choice for Brightcove. Its video CMS system is regarded as one of the finest, and rightly so. Its playlist feature is one to watch. It has also emphasized video security.

However, it banks on integrations for necessary features like in-depth analytics.

Vplayed is designed to allow content creators, streamers, and broadcasters to tailor their own video CMS. The CMS allows you to stream, collaborate and monetize your content. Furthermore, it also has features such as a drag-and-drop scheduling tool.

Kaltura is a pioneer in the field of video CMS. It was the first company to build an open-source video CMS to enable developers to build their video CMS. It has mainly aimed its services at enterprises looking to develop internal communications. It even has a tool dedicated to organizing meetings.

Even the technology giant couldn’t resist taking a plunge into the field of video CMS. IBM’s video CMS system is mainly designed for live streaming and pre-recorded video streaming. It uses its famous Watson system for auto-captions and live videos. Its advanced system allows you to track analytics in real time.

Zype has kept it simple with its video CMS. All it wants to do is streamline the processes of the video content management system. Its tools simplify the whole process. It provides easy access to media imports, metadata control, playlist organization, and so on.

Uscreen aims to facilitate users who want to monetize their videos. It has a unique value metric. It calculates your storage based on the minutes of your videos rather than its size in GBs. Apart from that, it provides you with an option to launch an OTT app for mobile devices and smart TVs.

It can be a task to manage and analyze videos. However, videos have become a necessary part of any business today. Therefore, it makes sense to avail the services of a robust video CMS. It serves various purposes. Be it internal communications, video marketing, or video analytics.

Video CMS: Top 10 Video Content Management System for 2023 (2024)
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